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Yifan machinery makes contributions for construction waste r


According to the survey, the construction waste disposal contains many defects, which is mainly embodied in the low comprehensive utilization rate of construction waste and the simple processing methods of construction waste. Otherwise, another serious condition is that large portions of the construction waste without any processing are taken to outskirts or village, which is deal with the method of landfill .This way takes up a lot of pork barrel.

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After the study, it is found that the different building structure will produce the rubbish of various compositions. However, the basic components are consistent. According to relevant information, construction waste will be produced 500-600 tons in every ten thousand square meters of building construction process. So construction waste in China is produced more than 100 million ton. Therefore, how to handle and use more and more construction waste, competent departments for government at all levels will face this important task. For this reason, YiFan Machinery researches and develops construction waste disposal equipment independently, including tracked crusher and portable mobile crushing plant. These equipments can handle the construction waste with coarse, medium and fine. And they are high-efficiency, reliable and convenient for the customers. What’s more, the Portable Crushing and Screening Plant can crush the materials on-site. It is unnecessary to carry the materials from one site and then crusher them in another one, which can greatly lower the cost of transporting materials for off-site crushing.

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