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The importance of maintaining jaw crusher


As the primary crushing equipment, jaw crusher is becoming more and more popular among the users; it is suitable for a variety of ore coarse, medium, and fine. However, in the use of it, we must also maintain the crushing equipment regularly; the following is simple narrative for maintenance work of jaw crusher:

Jaw Crusher
Jaw Crusher

1.check machine periodically

For any crushing equipment, when the machine star or stop, it is important to check the wear inside of the machine periodically. In the maintenance of machine, wearing parts must be checked; after reaching the maximum degree of wearing parts, it is time to replace it.


Lubrication in a timely manner can guarantee the normal operation of the jaw crusher and prolong its life. The choice of grease should be determined according to the place of use, the temperature and other conditions, as far as possible replace once every three months. When get new oil, it must be clean gasoline or kerosene to clean the bearings and bearing dir.

3.Check the accessories situations regularly

The conveyor of jaw crusher is indispensable in stone production line, adjusting the tightness of the belt periodically can ensure that the conveyor belt force uniform; Yifan Machinery believe that the bearing of worn is large in use. Adding lubricant usually can prolong the life of bearing. Regular maintenance not only can make the jaw crusher more convenient and more flexible at work, but also can reduce the production costs and create greater economic benefits for users. So jaw crusher maintaining jaw crusher regularly cannot be ignored.

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