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Mobile Crushers for construction waste recycling to Henan

YIFAN mobile crushers equipment sold to Henan has been put into operation and formed a stable and efficient production line. The mobile construction waste processing equipment adopts a new technology  based on energy saving and environmental protection, not only improving the quality of the project but also reducing urban environmental pollution, which achieves the combination of economic benefits and environmental protection. The inorganic mixture generated by construction waste can meet the intensity requirements of road base materials. Due to the large demands for roadbuilding materials, the application of construction waste in the urban road construction as secondary resources becomes a good method for construction waste recycling and realizes the rational, efficient and sustainable utilization of construction waste. So it enjoys Chinese and foreign customers' trust and praise.

mobile crushers

Processing object: construction waste

Application range:  road water-stabilized layer,  roadbed aggregate, road filling, diking, etc.

Main process: feeding——crushing——deferrization——screening——secondary crushing——double screening——acceptable material 

Main equipment: mobile crushers

Assembling form of equipment: mobile type 

Processing volume: 100-300t/h

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